I6YOT ex I2YOT Mimma

  I was born in a little town in the province of L’Aquila, region Abruzzo and I lived there till I was 9 years old. When I was a baby, I was attracted by a curious box that appeared to me as a church’s facade and I was curious to see “who was there inside”. As the time was going on, I found some answers to my questions and the radio became more fascinating.  For long time I imagined radio-waves wandering in the space, going over the mountains, rivers, valleys and oceans, finding receiving antennas and bringing them news, music or help requests.
 Since 5th primary school, my studies have been in Genova. I desired so much to begin to work that I left both University and Music studies (7 years piano). For some years I’ve been a teacher and knew more about telecommunications: in 1963, my first work in Milan in this area.
 When I met Ubaldo, my interests to the radio became greater: we were on the sailing boat or at home and he, already radio-amateur, talked to his friends. I was able only to listen. So I asked Ubaldo to teach me in order to get the license. He got an old receiver (Geloso G 207 CR) and told me it was necessary to listen long time before learning. In April 1977 I received an SWL license that Ubaldo asked with any knowledge by my side. So I began to study in order to pass examinations: Ubaldo was more and more claiming, sometimes even irritating, but what a pleasure when I received the call I2YOT in February 1979!
 Time to dedicate to the radio was not too much, by the way I’ve got the “Bicentenario del Teatro La Scala” award in 1979, living in Milan where the QRM was so high in that period.
 Both Ubaldo and me were using different transmission modes: my favourite one was the A.T.V. which permits to send/receive audio and video at the same time. We were a good group working at this activity and our friendship was sure over the distances and times.
We will never forget this contact.
The modulator is ready and Ubaldo and me make a local transmission test. We put the antenna of the hand-transmitter for 70 cm and we ear the voice of I2ORX “Mimma, I receive your call”.
 It’s difficult for him to believe how our conditions are and it’s difficult for us to believe that the signal is real. We do agree for another test with the videocamera after dinner. We connect the videocamera Mark XIV and I sets for a close up.  We are waiting.
 On 2 meters Giampaolo says “ Mimma do not move, please! OK. Tomorrow you will have the pictures”.
You can see the pictures, the QSL and also the I2ORX’s QTH with his TX-RX.
 Foto del Diploma di partecipazione al I° Contest A.T.V. italiano.
 Nel corso del Contest ci fù anche  un collegamento in video a 1.2 Ghz  in AM (forse il  I° italiano). 

  Unfortunately one day we had to move from Milan to a little town in Abruzzo, S.Benedetto in Perillis. I work only on 40/80 meters with a simple V-inverted dipole, using the new callsign I6YOT. I participate in some contest and get some awards. I’m particularly proud of one of them  (8th LEONARDO da VINCI Award) because I had the 1st World YL place. I remember I worked very hard on this award, because everybody said that Spanish  and  South-American YL would have sure win.
 We moved three times in 7 years: no antennas during this period and I missed the radio.  When finally I moved in Pizzoli in 1998, I began once again my activity: I had the DXCC in ten months, the WAIP, ADXA and so on.
 The radio gave me lot of friends, I know that I’ll never see them  but there is also mail and e-mail.
 I like to work in the pile-ups with my only 90 watt and when I make the QSO I touch the sky, I get up and say “I made it!”.
 I wish to be so enthusiastic as today.

Pizzoli. End of March 1998. First controls.

Why to kill it ?
    Spring 2001. Mobil HF in zone 6, locality Stiffe. January 2005.
 When I look at the Moon, I think that the man landed and walked there and I realize that such a venture would have never been in any mind without the radio.
  The sea seems to be good only in summer time, during the day and when it is quiet. Ubaldo proved me that it’s beautiful also in other seasons, during the night and even when there
are waves.
 I’m not afraid now of the sea. I respect it and never underestimate it. The sea is a gentleman who sends notices all the time. We must give up if its message is not clear or we have doubts on our capabilities or we do not know exactly our boat’s limits.
 Submarines, hydrofoils: I knew them well by movies, photos, books and newspapers, but I never saw them.
 November 1964: we are on the sea for the first time. The wind is icy (Ubaldo describes it as a fresh breeze); the sea is rough (Ubaldo says it’s flat as a table). Ubaldo points at something, I look at that direction and I see a submarine. I take a photo with my camera and Ubaldo tells me that it’s a base of Military Navy and it’s forbidden to take photos.
 I’m looking at the coast that is going away (too much for me!) and I see a boat that we are going to cross. It’s very fast and the keel is completely outside of the water: it’s a hydrofoil. It seems to fly and is so impressive!
 I feel so cold, I go near the rudder and Ubaldo’s calm does the rest. I’m no more afraid of the sea, on the contrary I’m so interested on it. Ubaldo gives me his place, takes my hands and puts them on the rudder.
 I’ll thank my husband forever for the passion he transmitted me of the radio and the sea.
 Many thanks Ubaldo!
November 1964. I’m on the sea for the first time. On the left, you can see the submarine  “Torricelli" and on the right, the hydrofoil "Michelangelo" navigating to Napoli at 110  km/h.
In the background, there is the island of Procida and in upper-left corner, the penitentiary partially covered by the hat.
 I like to collect the QSLs of special events: in some cases they can have also philatelic value because of special stamps.

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 Lot of YL (maybe the most) noted that lot of OM do not agree the presence of women in radio. The reason is not completely clear, but over every doubt this intolerance is condemned by most elementary principles of democracy and parity and is against the HAM SPIRIT. Are these OM Radioamateurs? Maybe only from a legal point of view. What to do? We must transmit every time we can, ignoring who is intolerant, showing determination and trust in own ability. Everybody must remember that women are in radio with the same rights and duties. Fortunately I receive sometimes little objects and souvenir with the QSL, demonstrating the true HAM Spirit.


 Made by the son (12 years old) of an OM from Korea.
             Dried flower on a hand-painted paper.

From Monk Apollo, mount ATHOS.                   


     From a Japanese OM. Box in cherry tree wood and glass with an empty, hand-painted egg.                        



From a young YL from Mongolia, hand-painted calendar.

                                            A wood comb made by an OM from Peru..

                   From an OM from Tenerife.

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           The Gioconda. Millions of people wrote about this masterpiece on the suggestion,
           the emotions and reflections that her enigmatic smile gives rise to.
           There’s no doubt that all that  is positive and playing is positive too.
                          AND WE ARE PLAYING.
          Is it possible to say or to do the same things in front of pieces  of other men,
          such war and destruction devices ?

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